Immigration Services

Since 1998, Vision Urbana has provided comprehensive support services to immigrant families living in the LES (CB#3). Services such as access to citizenship, Social Security, NYCHA Recertification, Medicaid/Medicare, Food Stamps, SCRIE/DRIE, NYC 210/School Credit and referrals to other support services and agencies are provided free of charge. Immigration workshops are held weekly at the Seward Park Extension Community Center located on 56 Essex Street NY NY 10002 Mondays at 10:30am.

A precious friend of the organization finally received citizenship after 50 years through the help of our services!


We provide weekly and monthly bilingual workshops on the following topics:

· Know Your Rights

· Citizenship Public Education and Awareness

· Waiving Unlawful Presence and Other Grounds of Inadmissibility

· Overview of Citizenship: Acquisition, Derivation and Naturalization

· Leadership Development in Immigrant Communities

· Deferred Actions for Unauthorized Immigrant Parents

· Healthy Living Workshops/Forums

· Diabetes Self-Management Series

Know Your Rights Workshops and Presentations!


Director—Yudith Ortiz

Facilitator—Maria Scarfo, PhD

Executive Director—Eric Diaz

CONTACT US TODAY at (646) 626-9967 to speak with our Director of Senior Programs and Immigration Services