Youth Application


Youth application!!!

No, you won't regret this! NO, this is not going to be "whack"! You're about to have the time of your life! Imagine creating your own adventure with a FUN, DOWN TO EARTH mentor you can count on for practically anything?! The cool part is, you will be matched with a mentor based on YOUR interests, YOUR personality and YOUR convenienceWe find a mentor that fits you!

Come experience what other mentees have said about their mentor:

"He's the coolest guy" -T'rese, 14

"I like spending time with her" -Arianna, 12

"He helps make my dreams come true" -Michael, 12

"I have the best mentor" -Zoe, 17

"I would like to stay matched for another year with him" -Jahid, 15

FOR THE PARENTS: We are dedicated to encouraging and empowering youth through one on one relationships. We believe one friend can make a difference. This friendship helps develop the confidencecharacter and academic skills youth need to succeed in college, break the cycle of poverty and become agents of change in their community. As the relationship grows, so does the potential.

Becoming a Mentee:

  1. Fill out the Application below
  2. You will be contacted to visit our office along side your parent/relative or guardian to be interviewed by one of our qualified coaches. This will help us know you and understand you better so we can find the perfect mentor for you!
  3. Come to the Match Meeting where you will meet your personal mentor for the first time, learn all the similarities and unique qualities and plan your first outing together

Mentee Requirements:

  • Be between the ages of 10 and 19!
  • Have FUN with your mentor once a week, for at least one hour a week doing things YOU and YOUR mentor both agree on!
  • Keep being friends for at least one year- at the end of the year, you can continue to build on your relationship or decide to stop meeting. Most of our mentees stay connected to their mentors after one year! The best type of friendship is a lifetime friendship!


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