OURVOICE Teen Health Campaign!

“OURVOICENYC” is part of our holistic mentoring continuum that focuses on health and wellness for teens, in this instance specifically through EMI’s participation in the organizing of the first ever teen led New York Citywide Campaign against sugary drinks. “OURVOICENYC” in partnership with the NYC Department of Mental Health & Hygiene raised awareness regarding how sugary drinks can cause Childhood Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, and other health risks prevalent in low income neighborhoods. To combat the over consumption of sugary drinks by youth the Campaign trained 100 teens to become health advocates in their neighborhood. These Youth Advocates then took the message to the streets to speak with other youth and residents to promote healthier eating and drinking habits.



A handful of the teens trained by the Dept of Mental Health and Hygiene to advocate for healthier eating!


Preparing for the public engagement in Brooklyn, Bronx, Harlem and Times Square!


Sharing the truth of sugary drink consumption on top of a double decker party bus!


Guerilla style promotion on the streets of New York City!