A nationally recognized one on one and group mentoring program, providing support for at risk youth through positive, caring adult mentoring relationships! Interested in joining the hundreds of mentors and mentees already enrolled?

Proud Member of Hispanic Federation

An organization providing support to Latino founded, Latino led organizations across New York City. Taking Hispanic causes to heart!

Vision Urbana, Inc.

Leadership Foundations Member

Vision Urbana, Inc. is part of the Leadership Foundations- a global network of Local Leadership Foundations who work with local leaders to make lasting change in their cities from the grassroots – the foundations – up.

Vision Urbana, Inc.


A nationally recognized mentoring program yielding results in the area of social competence, juvenile delinquency and connected youth in addition to providing holistic resources! Donate today! Help create a legacy tomorrow!

Vision Urbana, Inc.

The Empire Workforce Initiative

The Empire Workforce Initiative – providing job placement & training for local residents. #JOINTHEFORCE

Vision Urbana, Inc.

College 101

Offering Scholarship, College Information, Internships & Other Resources to our mentors, mentees and communities...

Vision Urbana, Inc. Presents...

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Established in 1996

20 years of providing quality youth and senior services


One to One Mentorship

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